Robin Seplut,where is he from?Where city he lives in?

There are many cat videos on youtube.

Robin Seplut’s videos are very popular.

Where is he from? In what city does he live? What kind of city is that? I will report to you.


What country is he from?

He is from Russia.

Where does he live?

He lives in Zheleznogorsk, Kursk . As long as I watch the video, he lives in an apartment house. I cannot report to you the location of his apartment house.

Where is the green bench?

A green bench appears in his video. Where is this? I searched.

There are many apartments in Zheleznogorsk. In many cases, there is a green bench in front of the apartment house. There are various places for green benches. I looked for many places. But I can’t report you his location.


What kind of city is it?

Zheleznogorsk means iron city. There is a big steel factory.

It’s a cold place.

There are about 100,000 people in the city. It is about 500 kilometers away from Moscow. There is a big factory. Maybe many of the residents are working there.

There are many apartment houses in this city. Half to one third looks like a housing complex. This city does not look like a new city. The building looks old. There are also detached houses. But it is not big. That is not beautiful. The car also looks old. It’s not a beautiful place. I don’t want to go to this city. I don’t want to live in this city.

Why are there so many cats in this city?

He said there are 5,000 cats.

Cats have strong fertility. The number of cats increases from a couple to 65 per year. Other than him, someone may be feeding the cat.

He shoots a lot of cats. I don’t know if he is giving birth control to a cat. There may be too many cats. Someone may blame him. Someday, his actions may stop. I am worried.

I do not know the Russian cat situation. However, in Japan, if I do the same thing as him, I think there is a high possibility of trouble. I am worried.


I reported on the country of Robin Seplut. He is from Russia. I reported about his city. He lives in Zheleznogorsk. I reported about his location.  There are many green benches,so I can’t identify his location.

I am worried about his behavior. I hope he can continue to act.